Auovo Liners for Hyundai Kona 2018-2021

Thank you for Purchasing our product! If you have any question about this item, such as missing pieces/ receive wrong item/ doesn't fit/ don't know where the liners go etc. , please feel free to email us by

***Missing pieces? Receive Wrong item? ***
Please contact us : ) by email
***Extra pieces?***
We include extra pieces to fit all trim levels of the car, it is very possible you have extra pieces.
***Curled Mats? ***
During shipping, some liners may get slightly bent and not sit flat in the compartments. Usually, it will fix themselves over 1-2 weeks by being in a hot car. If you are in a cold climate you may need to use a hair dryer, wash the mat with warm water, or place them on your dashboard in the sun to fix the curling.

【Custom Fit with GAS ENGINES ONLY】The car interior mats/pads-center console/Door slot/cup holder insert custom fit for Hyundai Kona Accessories 2018-2021 with Trim Level:SE, SEL,Essential, Preferred, Limited, Ultimate,Luxury, and Trend with GAS ENGINES ONLY!


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